We have seen Rhaegar Targaryen in the last episode of season 7. In the books, we have met with ”The Last Dragon” a lot of times. Wilf Scolding who played that amazing character in the show has talked about his character and Game of Thrones.



1.) Hi Wilf! Firstly, I want to say “Thank you” for accepting my interview and answering my questions. Now, how are you? What do you do these days? Can you talk about and introduce yourself? How did you start acting? How did you improve yourself in the world of cinema and TV?


1.) I found I enjoyed acting when I was about 14, I played the Sheriff of Nottingham’s sidekick in the school play! Since then I went to drama school in Wales, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (though I’m not Welsh as my wiki page states…) and have been lucky enough to work in TV Film, Theatre and Radio since!



2.) What do you know so far about your character Rhaegar Targaryen? Who was right in the Rebellion? A romantic lover Rhaegar or furious warrior Robert? Did Rhaegar make right decisions? What would you do, what decisions would you make if you were Rhaegar? What would you do if you were Robert?

2.) I know he was a lover, not a fighter, that he loved singing and I think he set a lot by the prophecy. I think he made the right decisions for him, but perhaps only for himself…



3.) There are a lot of rumours that HBO will shoot new spin-offs in next years. One of the prequel spin-off project -I believe this one is most excited one for most of fan and audience- is about your old friend Robert’s Rebellion. Would you like to play Rhaegar in this spin-off?

3.) I would love to play Rhaegar again but that is in the very capable hands of the producers, not mine!



4.) I heard that you have read most of ASOIF books. Which one do you prefer? Books or TV show? As you know after a while TV show has split with books. Many characters that still alive in the books have been killed in TV show by producers. Strong houses have been destroyed to get more view. A lot of ASOIAF fans and book readers are angry about that. They say that it isn’t Game of Thrones and it isn’t Martin’s style. What do you think about this? Do you think producers have rights to do some changes or is it the right way to keep the Martin style in the show?


4.) I personally think the producers did very well, they had a lot of pressure on them to continue making the show so they couldn’t rush the Genius of G.R.R.Martin. I think the show is fantastic but the books are also mesmerising – I couldn’t choose between the two!



5.) You have worked with incredible actor and actress of Game of Thrones such as Isaac Hempstead Wright and Aisling Franciosi. Have you enjoyed to work with those actors? How many days did you spend to shot that amazing and your only scene? Can you tell a funny moment of you and others?

5.) Isaac and Aisling are both lovely and I had a great time filming! I spent a short time on set as we managed to shoot the whole scene in a short time frame, but every minute was brilliant!



6.) George R. R. Martin has a lot of fans because of his different style and deathly books. He has a universe in his mind. Have you met George R.R. Martin? If you have met what did you talk about? What do you think about him and his books?


6.) I haven’t met George R. R. Martin but I think he is one of the Great Artists of our time, and his books will go down in history as classics.